Food is my passion. I love being creative and being able to provide a special, unique and personal dining experience.

Chef Walter Levi Bortz was born in Galveston on January 12, 1981. He was raised in the Shady Grove/Martinsville area just outside Nacogdoches, Texas. Known as Levi to his friends and family, he attended school in Martinsville and graduated in 1999. 

Fresh out of school, Levi opens the phone book and randomly selects a company to go to work for. He just so happens to pick Clark's Meat Market and begins his journey in the culinary industry. He learns the secrets to being a butcher and works his way up through the company. Despite being a talented butcher, Levi decides to try out his hand at the opposite end of the culinary spectrum, Degar's Bistro. He learns the ways of restaurant life and makes the bold decision to leave all he knows and go to school to become a Chef at the Art Institute in Dallas.

Levi devotes 3 years to mastering the art of creating delicious meals as well as beautiful artwork such as fruit cascades, delectable desserts and wedding cake stands with streaming fountains. During his training, he worked with talented chefs throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area including working for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Texas Motor Speedway. He was also instrumental in building from the ground up the Nordstrom's Bistro in North Park Mall (Dallas, TX).  Here he trained under Richard Silva a Las Vegas Chef trained by Emeril Lagassi. 

In 2005, Levi set out to run his own restaurant and catering company. This endevour proved that Levi could accomplish anything he set out to do. At the beginning of 2007, Levi met his wife Brooke. They married in 2010 and had a son in 2013. After Levi sold his restaurant he began work in the oil and gas industry. He enjoyed that line of work while it lasted and like most people in the industry, that opportunity was pulled out from under him in 2015. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

Levi and his family decided to move back home to Nacogdoches to raise their son in the same wonderful town that he was raised in. Now, Levi is able to go back to his true love of cooking and serving. He has started this company with his family by his side and is devoted to providing the best, affordable, Certified Chef prepared food that he can.

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